Block Grants for School Districts and Community College Districts

Pursuant to Government Code sections 17575 et seq., funds appropriated in the annual Budget Act, Items 6110-296-0001 and 6870-296-0001, shall be used for reimbursement of state-mandated programs to be available as a block grant to school districts, charter schools, county offices of education, and community college districts.

In any year in which a claimant elects to participate in the block grant, they shall not be eligible to submit a mandate reimbursement claim for that same year's costs for any program listed in the block grant. If charter schools elect to not participate in the block grant, they are not eligible to file any claims for reimbursement through the State Controller's Office.

Administration of Block Grants:

The State Controller's Office does not administer the block grants. For additional information regarding school districts, please refer to the California Department of Education. For community college districts, please email

Payments of Block Grants:

School districts will receive block grant payments from the California Department of Education. 
Community college districts will receive block grant payments from the State Controller's Office.

Links for additional information:

Government Code sections 17575 et seq.
Chapter 23, Statutes of 2019 (AB 74), Budget Act

Contact Information

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