School Districts Annual Report

Each year, California’s kindergarten through grade twelve (K-12) school districts, county offices of education, charter schools, and joint powers agencies, all commonly known as local educational agencies, submit annual financial reports to the California Department of Education (CDE).  The Financial Accountability and Information Services (FAIS) Office, within the CDE is responsible for annually collecting, reviewing, and preparing this financial data for dissemination.

The financial data is published on the Ed-Data website.  Ed-Data is a partnership of the California Department of Education, EdSource and the Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) designed to offer educators, policy makers, the legislature, parents, and the public quick access to timely and comprehensive data about K-12 education in California.  By selecting the Ed-Data web site link, you will be directed to the Ed-Data web site where you can retrieve comprehensive information about California's K-12 schools.

ED-Data Website