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Prop 172-Half Percent Sales Tax for Public Safety - Factor Adjustment Fiscal Year 2016-17

Pursuant to Government Code (GC) section 30053, the State Controller’s Office (SCO) will allocate to each qualified county the amounts deposited and remaining unexpended and unresolved in the Local Public Safety Fund.

The calendar year 2015 Table 2. Taxable Sales, by County (Table 2) was reported by the Board of Equalization in late February 2017; the ratios were updated starting with the March 2017 payment.  GC section 30052 directs SCO to use the most recent calendar year data of taxable sales in qualified counties.  Pursuant to GC section 30052, our Legal Office instructed us to cease making adjustments.  Therefore, we used, and will be using, the most recent calendar year Table 2 available to calculate payments and no adjustments will be made.  We apologize for not communicating this change to the counties earlier.  Please contact Nathalie Ortiz at or (916) 324-1875 with any questions.