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Claim Schedules

In order for the State Controller's Office to issue a warrant for payment on behalf of a given state agency, the state agency accounting office must submit a claim schedule. The information being provided below is only for manual claim filing by state agencies requesting the State Controller's Office to process payments.

All state agencies should refer to the State Administrative Manual (SAM) for instructions on how to properly prepare a manual claim schedule.

For information on requirements for a claim schedule see:

SAM Section 8422.2 Claim Schedules

SAM also includes directions on filing specific types of claim schedules. See the introduction to SAM Chapter 8400 Disbursements.  

In addition to SAM sections provided, California Code of Regulations (CCR) contains specific requirements for presentation of claims to the State Controller's Office. These requirements begin with Section 620 of the CCR. State agencies should review and be familiar with the applicable CCR sections. To search the CCR for the code sections starting with section 620, see the California Code of Regulations web link.

All manual claims must be filed with the State Controller's Office with a "Claim Schedule Face Sheet" for STD. 218.

Instructions for completing the Claim Schedule Face Sheet STD. 218.

If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the information provided, each state agency can call the State Controller's Office, Division of Audits, Operations Bureau at (916) 445-3060.