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County Tax Collectors' Reference Manual

Chapter 1000: Secured Collections *NEW 2017*

Chapter 2000: Unsecured Tax Collections *NEW 2018*

Chapter 3000: Supplemental Tax Collections  *NEW 2017*

Chapter 4000: Abstract of Secured Roll *NEW 2016*

Chapter 5000: Redemptions *NEW 2017*

Chapter 6000: Tax-Defaulted Property *NEW 2016*

Chapter 7000: Notice of Power to Sell *NEW 2017*

Chapter 8000: Sale of Tax Defaulted Property *NEW 2017*

Chapter 9000: Mandatory Publications *NEW 2017*

Chapter 10000: Mobilehomes *NEW 2017*

Chapter 11000: Bankruptcy

Chapter 12000: Retention and Destruction of Records *NEW 2016*

Chapter 13000: Transient Occupancy Tax

Sample Forms & Figures:
The State Controller's Office sample forms and figures contain all required information pursuant to statute and provide suggested layout to aid county tax collectors in the development of forms. They are not intended for actual use.


County Tax Collectors' Reference Manual Revision Table: