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Audit Finding Relinquishment Policy

  • Findings are documented as listed on the entity’s single audit report Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs and Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA).
  • If a named pass through agency disputes the assignment of the audit finding resolution, the agency must contact the appropriate parties (i.e. Entity and/or independent auditors [CPA]) to request a revision.
  • The revision should remove the agency’s name and add the correct responsible party’s name (if applicable) to the finding and SEFA.
  • The revision must be submitted to the SCO for review and approval by the CPA or entity.
  • Once approved, a letter relinquishing the disputing agency from the audit finding resolution responsibility will be sent to the disputing agency.
  • If a new state agency is named in the revision as the pass through agency, a management decision letter will be sent to that agency.
  • If a revision is not received the audit finding will continue to appear on the disputing agency’s Audit Finding Resolution Report issued by the SCO.