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Definitions provided are for commonly used terms in the CalATERS.

  • Claim Type
    Claim type determines the type of trips that can be claimed, including In State Travel, Out of State Travel, Out of Country Travel and Non-Travel Expenses Only.
  • Trip Type
    Trip type determines the type of travel claimed i.e., Regular Travel, State Sponsored Conference Convention, Long Term Assignment and Non-Travel.
  • Expense Type
    Expenses are claimed for reimbursement i.e., Auto Rental, Breakfast and Incidentals.
  • Payment Type
    Three methods can be used to pay for expenses, cash, corporate card and direct charge.
  • Profile Fields
    The Profile contains information specific to each CalATERS user i.e., name, e-mail address, CB description and default approver.
  • Status
    The Status column on the work queue identifies the current status of in-progress forms and the Forms Status window displays a historical record of activity for each Expense Reimbursement and Travel Advance form.