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Department Forms 

The CalATERS department forms are available upon request via email at

The following department forms are for accounting staff with administrative responsibility for CalATERS Global. 

  • Signature Authorization
    A Signature Authorization form must be completed for each staff authorized to submit forms on behalf of the department.
  • Privilege Request
    The Privilege Request form is used to assign privileges to department accounting staff.
  • Help Desk Contacts
    The Help Desk Contacts form is used to update help desk contact information on the CalATERS Global website.
  • ORF Reimbursement
    The ORF Reimbursement form identifies the department name and address where ORF reimbursements will be mailed.
  • Table Submission
    The Table Submission form must be submitted with all table load requests.
  • System Authorization
    Department employees are required to sign and submit a System Authorization form prior to accessing CalATERS Global.