California State Controller's seal

Participating Departments

CalATERS was developed with the support of many California State agencies.
The departments listed below are also actively participating in CalATERS.

Agnews Developmental Center - Accounting
Agricultural Labor Rel Board - Acctng
Air Resources Board-Admin Svs CalATERS Reim
Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Bd-Acctng
Alcoholic Beverage Control-Acctng
Atascadero State Hospital - Accounting
Baldwin Hills Conservancy - Acctng Srvs
Board of Equalization, MIC 23
BTH - Accounting
CA African American Museum - Fiscal Dept
CA Dept of Forestry & Fire Protection - Acctng
CA Horse Racing Board-Accounting
CA Prison Industry Authority Acctng Office
CA School for the Deaf-Fremont
CalEPA c/o ARB Admin Svcs CalATERS Reim
California Community Colleges-Acctng
California Department of Aging - Accounting
California Dept. of Public Health, Acctng Office
California Emergency Mgmt Agency-Acctng Office
California Energy Commission - Acctng
California Highway Patrol-Fiscal Mgmt Section
California School for the Blind-Accounting
California School for the Deaf Riverside - Acct
California Science Center - Accounting Office
California State Teachers Retirement System-Acctng
California Student Aid Commission-Travel Reim
Canyon Springs c/o Lanterman DDS Acctng
CHHS - Dept of Social Services Revolving Fund #170
Coachella Valley Mountain Conservancy - Acct Srvs
Coalinga State Hospital-Accounting
Colorado River Board - Attn: Accounting Office
Commission on POST - Accounting
Delta Stewardship Council c/o CFS
Department of Boating and Waterways
Department of Education-ORF Accounting
Department of Finance - FSCU
Department of General Services
Department of Health Services - RF075
Department of Insurance - Accounting
Department of Justice - Revolving Fund
Department of Mental Health
Department of Parks and Recreation
Department of Real Estate
Department of Veterans Affairs
Dept of Child Support Services-Acctng Services Br
Dept of Conservation - Travel
Dept of Consumer Affairs  Travel Unit-CalATERS
Dept of Correction and Rehab, Regional Acctng-COR
Dept of Fair Employment and Housing-Acct Svcs
Dept of Financial Institutions - Accounting
Dept of Fish & Game - Acctng Services Branch
Dept of Food & Agriculture - Travel/RF Unit
Dept of Housing & Community Development-Acctng
Dept of Personnel Administration - Accounting
Dept of Social Srvs/SCDD-Attn:Travel/Payroll Unit
Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs-Revolving Fund
Dept. of Corporations - Accounting Office
Dept. of Social Services - Revolving Fund #170
Developmental Services - Accounting/Rev Fund
DGS-Contracted Fiscal Services (CSL 6120)
DGS-Contracted Fiscal Services (CSM 8885)
DGS-Contracted Fiscal Services (FISCAL 8880)
DGS-Contracted Fiscal Services (GCC 0855)
DGS-Contracted Fiscal Services (MRMIB 4280)
DGS-Contracted Fiscal Services (SNC 3855)
DGS-Contracted Fiscal Services (TCC 6360)
Diagnostic Centers-Accounting
DMH Salinas Valley Psychiatric Program-Acctng
DMH Vacaville Psychiatric Program - Accounting
Emergency Medical Services Authority- Acct Srvs
Employment Development Department – Travel Unit and Revolving Fund
Fair Political Practices Commission - Acctng
Fairview Developmental Center - Rev Fund
First 5 California
Franchise Tax Board-Fiscal Accounting
Lanterman Developmental Center-Acctng Office
Managed Health Care - Admin/Acctng Office
Metropolitan State Hospital - Accounting
Military Department_CAJS-SC-AB, Box 21
Office of Environmental Health Hazard-Acctng
Office of Planning & Research RF GENCKG #090
Office of Real Estate Appraisers - Acctng
Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development
Office of Systems Integration-Admin
Office of the Inspector General
Office of the State CIO Financial Mgmt Branch
Office of the State Public Defender - Acctng
Office of Traffic Safety - Acctng
Patton State Hospital-Acctng CalATERS
Porterville Developmental Center - Acctng
Public Utilities Commission, Fiscal Office
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy c/o CFS
San Joaquin River Conservancy - Acctng Srvs
Secretary for Resources-CalFire Dept Acctng
Secretary of State - Accounting
Sonoma Developmental Center - Acctng
State Controller's Office
State Lands Commission - Acctng
State Personnel Board - Fiscal Office
State Treasurer's Office-Acctng  CDIAC 0956
State Treasurer's Office-Acctng  TCAC 0968
State Treasurer's Office-Acctng Office  STO 0950
State Treasurer's Office-CDLAC
State Treasurer's Office-CIDFAC
State Treasurer's Office-SIB
State Water Resources Control Board-Acctng
STO-Accounting Office  CAEATFA 0971
Victims Comp Govt Claims Board - Acctng