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Cancel a Deduction

There are two deduction types —

  • Mandatory (taxes, Social Security, Medicare, and retirement)
  • Voluntary

Employees wishing to cancel a voluntary deduction should contact the respective company/companies or their personnel/payroll offices. An employee may write to Payroll Operations to request the cancellation of the following deductions:

  • Charitable Contributions (Code 017)
  • County Miscellaneous (Code 014)
  • Credit Union (Code 051)
  • Insurance (Codes 074 and 075 except 075/083 by contractual obligation)
  • Membership Dues (Codes 088 and 089; excluding employees who, under terms of their MOU, have a maintenance of membership agreement in effect)
  • Parking (Code 050, 360)
  • State Agency Program Fees (Code 021)

For the cancellation of a deduction listed above by the upcoming pay period, cancellation requests must be received in Payroll Operations by the 15th of the month. Cancellations will be returned to the employee if any items are omitted.

A cancellation request must contain the following information:

  • Statement requesting the deduction cancellation(s)
  • Employee’s full name
  • Employee’s social security number
  • Deduction(s) to be canceled by deduction name as it appears on the earnings statement and / or by deduction/organization code, if known
  • Employee’s mailing address
  • Employee’s original signature
  • Date request(s) signed

To cancel voluntary miscellaneous payroll deductions not listed above, employees must contact either the organization through which the deduction(s) is / are withheld or their personnel/payroll office.

It is the employee's responsibility to make arrangements with the organization to refund any excess deductions that may have been withheld.

For further information regarding deductions, refer to the Payroll Procedures Manual (PPM), Section H.