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MIRS Training

The MIRS Consultants deliver two MIRS training programs. These programs, MIRS Initial and MIRS Refresher/Intermediate, are "hands-on" training courses designed to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills required to access the MIRS Database and generate reports.

The following provides specific instructions involving MIRS security and training enrollment, and includes course requirements, descriptions, and prerequisites.


All MIRS customers must first complete an original Statement of Understanding (PSD 108) and a Security Authorization Access form (PSD 125A).

Training Enrollment


Prior to attending MIRS Initial training, trainees are first required to complete an original Statement of Understanding (PSD 108) and Security Authorization form (PSD 125A). These forms can be obtained from your security monitor. Upon receiving the completed forms, the MIRS Consultants will provide a "MIRS Checklist ", where we ask each new user to complete within 10-business days from the time of receipt. This must be completed before attending the training class. If we have not heard from the new user after 10 business days, a MIRS Consultant will be contacting them to offer assistance in completing the MIRS Checklist. MIRS Initial Training is only scheduled when a sufficient number of trainees (6-8) have completed the checklist.


The MIRS Consultants will schedule the classes, provide the MIRS Training Schedule and notify each department prior to the classes. This will provide the departments an opportunity to verify vacation schedules and coverage for a shorter period, instead of projecting out 2-4 months. These classes provide useful skills in regard to downloading MIRS reports to an Excel spreadsheet, customizing reports, creating defines, and providing refresher information that summarizes the 4-day initial course. This also provides you a great opportunity to update your phone number, email address and/or your department's mailing address as changes occur.  Classes are scheduled as needed.

Confirmation of Enrollment

Each scheduled trainee and the MIRS Departmental Contact will receive an electronic mail confirmation letter approximately 30 days prior to the class date. This letter will contain important enrollment information including class dates, duration of the class, times and location.

Cancellation Requirements

To cancel an enrolled trainee, contact the MIRS Consultant at (916) 319-9418 or (916) 324-7268, or e-mail It is important to contact us no later than two weeks before the class, so that the MIRS Consultants have an opportunity to fill the vacancy.

Enrollment Substitutions

No substitutions will be accepted.  The MIRS Consultant will attempt to fill the vacancy when there is a cancellation.

Course Requirements

Prerequisites ensure that each trainee succeeds in comprehending the subject matter offered in the class. Trainees who lack the required experience may have difficulty with the material and detract from the class. Therefore, if a trainee is unable to maintain the pace of the session, the instructor may request that he/she return to his/her department.

Consultations/Special Requests

To request consultations or a special request training program, please contact the MIRS Consultants at (916) 319-9418 or (916) 324-7268, or e-mail us at

Course Descriptions and Prerequisites



MIRS Initial Training is a "hands-on" training program that covers the MIRS process and is recommended for all new MIRS users. Trainees will access the MIRS database, generate reports using the MIRS Common Library, determine which of the eight Master Files to use when report writing, and through the use of various exercises, learn how to write and generate reports.


Trainees must complete the MIRS checklist, which is sent to trainees once a Security of Authorization Access Form is completed. Payroll and Employment History knowledge is required.


MIRS Refresher/Intermediate Training is a "hands-on" training program that covers a refresher of the Initial Training and the more complex report writing, different ways to create new fields in the MIRS using the existing field names and downloading.


Trainees must complete the MIRS Initial Training class and have used the MIRS consistently for six months.