California State Controller's seal

Requesting Pay History

In order to process Payment History requests we do need to receive the request in writing, including an original "wet" signature.  The request letter or memo will need to include the following information:

  • Employee full name
  • Employee full SSN
  • Pay Period(s) of pay data needed
  • Brief explanation of why the data is needed
  • The type of data needed
  • Contact information (return address, email, and phone number) so that we may reach the requestor if there are any questions
  • Original "wet" signature

Please mail the request to the following:

State Controller's Office-Personnel/Payroll Services Division-PMAB
ATTN: Michele Hawkins
300 Capitol Mall Suite #1001
Sacramento, CA  95814


Please be aware that Pay History only goes back to 01/01/1984.