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Statewide Training Contacts

Phone:  (916) 322-0683
FAX: (916) 324-7293
California Relay Service at 1-800-735-2929 (TTY)

Michael Berlanda, Manager - Instructor-Led Courses  (916) 322-8470 or email:

Alice Contreras, Training Administrator  (916) 322-0683 or email:

Instructor-Led Courses

Class Name Length Instructor email
Fundamentals of Personnel 3 Days Jerry Glass
    Cindy Lunger
Employment History Overview 1 Day Cindy Lunger
    Kelli Shropshire
PAR Documentation 2 Days Cindy Lunger
    Kelli Shropshire
Corrective Actions 2 Days Kelli Shropshire
Deferral of Lump Sum Training 1 Day Marietta Francis
Fundamentals of Payroll 3 Days Marietta Francis
Garnishment Documentation 1 Day Marietta Francis
Payroll Input Process (PIP) 1 Day Debra Clary
Introduction to Salary Determinations 3 Days Debra Clary
Advanced Salary Determinations 2 Days Debra Clary
Lump Sum Refresher 1/2 Day Allan Fong
Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI) Program 3 Days Jerry Glass
Workers' Compensation: The Beginning Steps 2 Days Jerry Glass
Workers' Compensation Documentation 3 Days Jerry Glass

Nicole Sheley, Manager - eLearning Development  (916) 322-5884 or email:

eLearning Courses

Class Name For eLearning assistance, contact:
Module 1: Introduction to State Business Partners
Module 2: Introduction to Forms  
Module 3: Mainframe Systems Overview  
Attendance Certification  
Attendance Documentation  
ACAS Database Training Module  
Decentralized Payroll Calendar with Definitions (Interactive)  
Direct Deposit  
Item 505 Retirement Codes  
Garnishments Documentation  
CCR 599.608 - Qualifying Monthly Pay Period  
CCR 599.609 - Qualifying Monthly Pay Period for Hourly and Daily Rate Employees  
CCR 599.682 - Qualifying Service for Merit and Special In-grade Salary Adjustment