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Program Descriptions and Prerequisites

This provides the latest information regarding the State Controller's Office, Personnel/Payroll Services Division's Statewide Training programs.

Program Descriptions and Prerequisites

Please note that our training program information is listed alphabetically by program name followed by the level (e.g., Advanced Salary Determinations class is listed as "Salary Determinations, Advanced"). For each program, the course description is listed followed by the course prerequisites.

Prerequisites ensure that each Personnel Specialist succeeds in comprehending the subject matter offered in the class. Personnel Specialists who lack the required experience may have difficulty with the material and detract from the class. Therefore, if a Personnel Specialist is unable to maintain the pace of the session, the instructor may request that he/she return to his/her department.

PLEASE NOTE: Prerequisites may be waived if a Personnel Specialist has sufficient experience and training. To request a waiver, the training coordinator should contact us at

Class Name Length Class Description

Garnishment Documentation

1 day

This course is designed to provide Personnel Specialists with the tools and instruction needed to understand the legal documentation requirements when establishing, modifying, or cancelling salary garnishments.

This course also provides:

  • An overview of the life cycle of a garnishment
  • A breakdown of different garnishments types
  • Withholding maxes
  • Priority order
  • Common errors
  • Glossary of terms

Practical exercises include reviewing different levies (e.g., child support, arrearages, sheriff's department court orders, Internal Revenue Service(IRS), Franchise Tax Board (FTB), student loans, etc.), answering questions, and completing the correct salary garnishment form (STD.639/639CFS).


  • Minimum of four months personnel/payroll experience.


Fundamentals of Personnel 3 Days

This course is designed for Personnel Specialists new to the personnel field. Personnel Specialists will learn how to process EH appointments and separations. They will also learn to ascertain the difference between permissive and mandatory actions on personnel issues and to compute state service, anniversary dates and probationary periods. The program provides information on terminology, control agency information and reference materials used in personnel. The information in this course is essential for accurately completing specific PAR Items while documenting PAR transactions.


  • Minimum of four months experience documenting and keying PARs.


  • Find eLearning Class Reinforcers for CCR 599.608 Qualifying Monthly Pay Period & CCR 599.609 Qualifying Monthly Pay Period for Hourly and Daily Rate Employees at:
Employment History Overview 1 Day

This course has been designed to provide instructions on updating and interpreting the information on the EH database. Through the use of PAM Section 10 and practical exercises, Personnel Specialists will be able to:

  • Utilize the decentralized forms
  • Follow instructions for entering information into the EH database
  • Identify and access the five EH inquiry categories
  • Analyze error messages and demonstrate methods to resolve each condition


  • Minimum of four months experience documenting and keying PARs.
PAR Documentation 2 Days

For those new to the personnel field, the course provides an introduction to the PAM Sections 1 through 8. The primary emphasis is on the organization and use of the PAM. Personnel Specialists are provided a complete review of the PAM, completion of EH documents, PAR Item definitions and the selection and use of the appropriate PAR Required/Conditional transaction charts. Practical exercises enable Personnel Specialists to become familiar with the PAM and completion of personnel documentation.


  • Responsible for documenting PAR Transactions
  • Minimum of four months experience documenting PARs
  • Attendees must bring their PAM in order to attend the class.
Corrective Actions 2 Days

This course is a must for Personnel Specialists who need instructions in properly documenting Corrective Actions and Out-of-Sequence (O/S) PAR transactions. Personnel Specialists will be provided a step-by-step method of reconstructing Employment History (EH) for O/S transactions.

In-depth coverage of the Personnel Action Manual (PAM) Section 9 will be provided in the following areas:

  • Corrects
  • Voids
  • Voids/Re-Enters
  • Adding O/S Transactions
  • Reconstructing EH

Through the use of the PAM and with a variety of comprehensive practical exercises and transaction situations, Personnel Specialists will be able to correctly determine the appropriate steps and procedures necessary to complete Corrective Action documentation.


  • PAR Documentation
  • Four months experience preparing a variety of PAR Transactions
  • Attendees must bring their PAM in order to attend the class.
Fundamentals of Payroll 3 Days

This course provides information necessary to correctly and confidently document basic payroll transactions in today's personnel office. The class outlines appropriate procedures, processes and regulations governing a variety of payroll functions. These include completion of forms: STD. 672, Time and Attendance, for both negative and positive attendance employees; STD. 603, Report of Absences without Pay; STD. 666, Report of Exceptions to the Payroll; STD. 674, Payroll Adjustment Notice; STD. 671, Miscellaneous Payroll/Leave Actions; STD. 966, Employee Time Certification; and STD. 683, Pay Adjustment Request. Personnel Specialists will learn how to reconcile Master Payroll, use the Master Payroll Certification (MPC) system, and read suspended payment and suspended transaction listings. They will also receive a general overview of the account receivable process. This course emphasizes important cut-off dates and the consequences when transactions are not processed on or before those dates. Personnel Specialists learn and acquire processing skills through a variety of practical exercises and group problem-solving activities.


  • Three to four months working as a Personnel Specialist (or equivalent position)
  • Minimum three months Payroll experience
  • Reconciled at least 1 Master Payroll with Exceptions
Payroll Input Process (PIP) 1 Day

Payroll Input Process (PIP) is a class designed for new Personnel Specialists who are processing pay transactions (e.g., overtime, positive pay and miscellaneous payments). Personnel Specialists will be provided a program overview of the PIP application and keying experience for the five PIP screens: TA - Time and Attendance; MIS - Miscellaneous/Leave Actions; DCK - Dock; ETC - Employee Time Certification; and ADJ - Pay Adjustment Request. Instructions for the available commands and inquiry screens will be reviewed.


  • Two months experience as Personnel Specialist
  • At least 2 key entry experiences on the PIP system
Introduction to Salary Determinations 3 Days

PLEASE NOTE: While this class is an introductory class, it is not for Personnel Specialists new to the personnel transactions field. It is designed for Personnel Specialists with a working knowledge of personnel transactions. Prior to enrolling staff, please refer to course prerequisites (shown below) for the minimum number of required months of Personnel Specialist experience.

This course provides the essential steps to correctly compute salary rates on new appointments, promotions, transfers and demotions. The primary focus is on the laws and rules pertaining to salaries and anniversaries, as well as the formulas used to determine the appropriate salary rule. Additionally, Personnel Specialists learn to apply information contained in the Civil Service Pay Scales and the rules and policies that are used to determine accurate salary rates and anniversary dates. Personnel Specialists will gain a working knowledge of methods used to determine salary rates and anniversary dates with the use of practical exercises for new appointments, movement between alternate ranges and movement between non-deep classifications.


  • Fundamentals of Personnel
  • Six months experience documenting & keying PAR Transactions
  • Ability to accurately determine qualifying pay periods for all time bases

PLEASE NOTE: This course is a mandatory prerequisite for the Advanced Salary Determinations course.

Advanced Salary Determinations 2 Days

This course is designed for Personnel Specialists who frequently use the salary rules and regulations. It provides practical experience in determining the correct salary rate in a variety of deep class movements. Emphasis is placed on discretionary movements between deep classes, the Personnel Management Policy/Procedures Manual Section 315 and consecutive transfers. Laws, rules, DPA and SPB memoranda regarding deep class movement are discussed.


  • Fundamentals of Personnel
  • Intro to Salary Determination
  • Active involvement in the completion of salary determinations
Deferral of Lump Sum Training 1 Day

This one day course provides Personnel Specialists (and managers) with a complete overview of processing lump sum for retiring and separating employees.

(Note: 7K is not covered in this class.  For training on 7K, please contact CDCR Headquarters.)

Training objectives include the following areas:

  • Calculating and projecting lump sum amount
  • Deferring lump sum into Savings Plus
  • Documenting the PAR
  • Early PAR submission

Through a variety of practical exercises and transaction situations, Personnel Specialists will be able to correctly determine the appropriate steps and procedures necessary to complete Lump Sum documentation. Also included are a review of SCO documentation requirements, deferring lump sum into Savings Plus and when to submit a corrected PAR.


  • PAR Documentation
  • Nine months personnel/payroll experience
  • Fundamentals of Payroll is recommended
Lump Sum Refresher NEW! Half Day

This half day course provides Personnel Specialists a summary of how to process lump sum deferrals for the retiring and separating employees.

Participates will complete practical exercises to reinforce proper documentation and submittal of required forms.


  • Lump Sum Deferral Training
Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI) Program 3 Days

This course provides a complete overview of the NDI benefit program including laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. The Employment Development Department (EDD) claim process, collective bargaining considerations and personnel/payroll documentation requirements are also covered. The course examines the different NDI and calculation methods used for computing regular NDI and annual leave benefits. Worksheets are provided to assist in annual leave NDI computations. Practical exercises include PAR's; form STD. 674D, Industrial/Non-Industrial Disability Pay/Adjustment Request; Form STD. 671, Miscellaneous Payroll/Leave Request; EDD claim forms and annual leave calculations.


  • PAR Documentation OR have one year personnel/payroll experience documenting PAR Transactions
  • Four months personnel/payroll experience including responsibility for documenting NDI transactions
Workers' Compensation: The Beginning Steps 2 Days

This course provides valuable information to Personnel Specialists directly responsible for providing Workers' Compensation guidance to line-supervisors, managers, and/or employees. In-depth discussions include explaining Workers' Compensation benefits, eligibility requirements and the initial forms to be completed for injured employees. State Compensation Insurance Fund's (SCIF) role and responsibilities and the completion of various SCIF forms and form STD. 618S, Employee Benefit Options are included. Personnel Specialists will learn each area of responsibility for the injured employee, the first line- supervisor and the Personnel Office.


  • Four months personnel/payroll experience

PLEASE NOTE: This course is a mandatory prerequisite for the Workers' Compensation Documentation course.

Workers' Compensation Documentation 3 Days

This course provides current information regarding Industrial Disability Leave (IDL) including Enhanced IDL, IDL with Supplementation and Temporary Disability (TD). Personnel Specialists learn to use a variety of reference materials to become familiar with the laws and rules governing Workers' Compensation. They research, discuss and apply regulations through networking, group problem-solving and independent study. Practical exercises include how to document personnel/payroll records for several disability cases. Added course features are written instructions and samples for abatements and SCIF payments calculated on the wage loss concept. Personnel Specialists will receive the most up-to-date information in the area of Worker's Compensation.


  • MUST HAVE COMPLETED the Workers Compensation: The Beginning Steps course prior to attending this class.
  • Must have PAR Documentation OR have one year personnel/payroll experience documenting PAR Transactions
  • Should be responsible for completing WC transactions & have a minimum of four months personnel/payroll experience