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The State Controller’s Office publishes various reports on state and local finances. Following is a guide to our resources:

State And Local Government Payroll Figures

The Controller’s Office offers a database showing salary, pension benefits and other compensation for employees of the State of California, California State University, cities, counties and special districts.

Search Government Compensation in California

Monthly Financial Reports

Monitoring the amount of cash available to meet California’s financial obligations is the core responsibility of the State Controller’s Office. Our monthly financial reports provide information on the State’s cash receipts and disbursements.

The Summary Analysis and Monthly Statements of General Fund Cash Receipts cover actual receipts and disbursements for each month of the fiscal year. Data are shown for total cash receipts and disbursements, the three largest sources of revenue (personal income, corporate, and sales and use taxes), and the two largest categories of expenditures (local assistance and state operations). The monthly reports also compare actual receipts with historical trends and estimated cash flows from the Governor’s Budget.

Summary Analyses of Statements of General Fund Cash Receipts

Monthly Statements of General Fund Cash Receipts and Disbursements

The Monthly Statement provides a more detailed explanation, while the Summary Analysis provides some context to taxpayers and policymakers for viewing the most current financial information on the State’s fiscal condition.

State and Local Government Reports

Our State and Local Government Reports provide information on audits performed and oversight and guidance provided to these governments by the State Controller’s Office.

Local Government Reports

State Government Reports

Guides, Manuals, and Reference Materials

Other State Agency Resources

The following are links to information on the State’s finances from other State agency websites. Some of this information was used to compile the data presented on the previous pages.

Department of Finance

The Department of Finance (DOF) is an Executive Branch agency that serves as the Governor’s chief fiscal policy advisor and helps prepare the Governor’s budget proposal. These DOF schedules and charts summarize state revenues, expenditures, and other fiscal and personnel data over time. It is important to check the date at the bottom of the summary schedules to know whether they are based on the Governor’s June 2011 budget or updated to reflect the enacted budget.

DOF Summary Schedules

Legislative Analyst’s Office

The Legislative Analyst’s Office is California’s nonpartisan fiscal and policy advisor to the Legislature. These LAO databases provide historical expenditure, revenue, and personnel data. The CAL Facts:2011 report is a series of charts and tables that provide a broad overview of public finance and program trends in the state.

LAO Databases

CAL Facts: 2013

Franchise Tax Board

The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is responsible for administering California’s personal income and corporate tax laws. FTB has the following data on historical tax statistics:

FTB – Tax Statistics

Board of Equalization

The Board of Equalization (BOE) collects California State sales and use tax, as well as fuel, alcohol, and tobacco taxes and fees. The following data show a variety of research reports and a chart of the effective statewide sales and use tax rates, broken down by where the money goes.

BOE - Research & Statistics

BOE - Detailed Description of the Sales & Use Tax Rate

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