Download Unclaimed Property Records

The State Controller safeguards lost and forgotten property turned over to the state (e.g., bank accounts, uncashed checks, insurance benefits, wages, stocks, bonds, safe deposit box contents) until it can be claimed by the rightful owners.

While the State Controller’s team works to reunite people with their unclaimed property, there always is more that can be done.

On this page, you can download all of the unclaimed property records in the Controller’s public database in .CSV format. Once you download the data to your personal computer, you can sort it as permitted by the database program you are using (e.g., Excel, Google) and conduct outreach to people and businesses who may not know they have unclaimed property.

Some of the files are very large, so depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may experience long download times. A broadband connection is highly recommended to download large files. The Controller’s team does not provide technical support.

The files will be updated every Thursday.

Unclaimed Property Records

Properties reported at $.00 to $9.99

Properties reported at $10 to $99.99

Properties reported at $100 to $499.99

Properties reported at $500 and up

All properties