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About Electronic Claim Filing

    How Do I File My Claim Electronically?

    If your property search is successful, a highlighted Property ID number will appear on the Search Results page next to your name and address. Click on the Property ID number link. This link will take you to the Property Details page. On that page, click on the Claim This Property link and fill in the requested information to find out if your claim is eligible for electronic filing and quicker payment. If your claim is eligible, you will be offered the option to file your claim electronically. Just enter the required information to complete your electronic claim. For additional tips on claiming your property electronically, please see our How to use eClaim video.

    I Received Confirmation That My eClaim Was Successfully Submitted. What Do I Do Now?

    Nothing! Your claim has been received and is being processed. If further information is needed, a representative from our office will contact you. Otherwise, payments for eClaims are generally issued within 14 days after the claim is submitted.

    What If I Owe Money To A State Or Local Agency; Will That Affect My eClaim?

    If you have an outstanding debt with a California state, city, or county agency, your unclaimed property payment may be intercepted to pay the debt.  The intercept will apply even if you are in an installment agreement with said agency.

    Why Couldn't I File An Electronic Claim?

    A mailed claim form, instead of an electronic claim, may be required for any of the following reasons:

    • The property may have more than one listed owner.
    • The property is $5,000 or more.
    • The property may include cashier's checks, money orders, royalties, safe deposit box contents or other types of properties which cannot be claimed online.
    • The property may also require additional proof of ownership.

    If My Claim Is Not Eligible For Electronic Filing, Can I Still Claim The Property?

    Yes. Follow the filing instructions to complete your claim. Be sure to print the form, sign it, and send it in to our office with the required documentation. To avoid delays in the processing of your claim, you MUST send us copies of the required documents as outlined in the filing instructions to determine rightful ownership.

    If you have other questions about our claims process, please see About Claiming.