Claiming Property

Is there a fee for filing a claim?

No. The State Controller's Office processes unclaimed property claims free of charge. Owners or heirs can claim their property directly from us without any service charges or fees. If you have signed a contract with an investigator (also called “asset locators” or “heir finders”) they may charge you a fee of no more than 10 percent of property value.

How do I claim my property?

You must file a claim with the State Controller’s Office. Click here to locate your property and start a claim. Call us at (800) 992-4647 with any questions.

How do I file a claim for a deceased owner?

You may file a claim for the property of a deceased owner if you are an heir, trustee, or personal representative/executor/administrator. Please see the filing instructions for deceased owner claims for the documentation you will need to submit to prove ownership.

What documentation is required to show proof of my name change?

You will need to provide documents, such as a marriage certificate or court documents, that establish you are the person whose name appears on the unclaimed property account. Please refer to the filing instructions for details on the documentation we need to verify ownership.