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Government Compensation in California – Education

Reporting information for previous years can be found by using this link: previous years

2014 Reporting and Publication Information

Through the collaborative efforts between the State Controller's Office (SCO) and its business partners, the Government Compensation in California (GCC) program has proven to be successful to increase government transparency and accountability.

Your willingness to provide the compensation information for your organization is appreciated.

Entity Report Due Date
 K-12 June 1, 2015
Community College June 1, 2015
 UC May 15, 2015

Compensation information is expected to be published on SCO's Public Pay website:

Entity Estimated Publication Date
 K-12 October 2015
Community College August 25, 2015
 UC July 29, 2015

Click on the link below to search California public employee compensation:

Public Pay

Reporting and Filing Instructions

Report Templates

K-12 Report Template UC Report Template Community College
Report Template

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