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Audit Findings

Dollars the SCO Audit Program has identified since 2007.

Findings Subtotals:

Unlawful or Unallowable Spending:

Increased Revenue:

Savings and Cost-Cutting:

Consumer Protection:

Assisting Other Agencies

The Controller also works closely with state and local agencies to provide fiscal guidance and develop programs and procedures to ensure that fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars can be prevented or detected quickly.

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Controller's Audit Programs - Protecting Your Tax Dollars

Guarding Taxpayer Dollars at All Levels of Government.....

The Controller’s Audit Authority...

  • Has resulted in more than $2.5 Billion in audit findings.

  • Is provided for in the State Constitution
  • Is the only one that is independent of both the Administration and the Legislature;
  • Is directed at ensuring that taxpayer dollars spent at the State and local level are free of fraud, waste and abuse;
  • Has produced findings that have resulted in the denial of payment of unallowable claims, the return of incorrectly spent funds or additional revenues (Please see the tax dollars impact graphic at the right of this page.);
  • Ensures that independent auditors performing annual financial and compliance audits of school districts and local governments comply with professional audit standards and ensures that findings are addressed;
  • Includes a team of expert auditors, many of whom are Certified Public Accountants, who perform their work to the highest professional auditing standards.