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Personnel and Payroll Services Email Subscription Service

The State Controller's Office offers the following email subscription service for the Personnel and Payroll Services Program.

Email Subscription Distribution Lists:

Personnel / Payroll Services Division provides four (4) lists with news, updates, and information that relate to the California Leave Accounting System (CLAS) (Civil Service),  California Leave Accounting System (CLAS) (California State University (CSU)), Personnel and Payroll Operations (Civil Service), and Personnel and Payroll Operations (CSU) letters.

  • California Leave Accounting System (CLAS) Letters (Civil Service / Exempt Dept)
  • California Leave Accounting System (CLAS) Letters (CSU / Exempt Dept)
  • State Controller’s Office Letters (Personnel / Payroll Operations, Civil Service)
  • State Controller’s Office Letters (Personnel / Payroll Operations, CSU)

Personnel / Payroll Services Division also provides a list with news, updates, and information that relate to Accounting Offices (Civil Service) and Accounting Officers.

  • Accounting (Civil Service)

To subscribe to a list:

  • Choose the email subscription distribution list you wish to subscribe to from the drop-down list.
  • Enter your email address, and your first and last name.
  • Click on the Subscribe button to generate a confirmation email to the distribution list you specified.
  • If you receive an error, please contact:
  • Open the email message and follow the instructions to complete the subscription process.