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Notice To Holders Of Unclaimed Property

New Law Changes - Effective July 1, 2014


This notice is to assist holders in complying with the new provisions of the Unclaimed Property Law that will take effect on July 1, 2014.

New Universal Holder Face Sheet (UFS-1) Form

This notice is to inform you of the NEW Universal Holder Face Sheet (UFS-1) (Rev. 05/12) available on our website at The new UFS-1form incorporates several changes that will make report processing more efficient.

Notice to Holders - CUSIP

 This notice has been issued as a reminder of required reporting procedures to assist you with the proper reporting of security properties during the Notice and Remit Report process.

Notice of Proposed Regulations

This notice is to inform you of proposed regulations as required by Government Code section 11346.4.

Original Forms

Amended Forms

Initial Statement of Reasons

Regulation Amendments-UCP

Securities Summary (SS-1) Form

(April 2012) This notice is to inform you of changes to the filing instructions for the Securities Summary (SS-1) form (Rev 03/11), which is available on our website at

Instructions for Reporting Securities

(April 2012) This notice has been issued to assist you with the proper reporting and remitting of security properties during the upcoming Remit Report process. Securities include stocks and mutual funds for purposes of this notice. As a convenience, we are providing you with a summary of instructions that will substantially reduce the likelihood you will need to be contacted to correct reporting errors. This information can also be found in the Holder Handbook.

Unclaimed Property Law Changes Effective 01/01/2012

(November 2011) This notice is to inform you of changes to the escheatment requirements for Individual Retirement Accounts and property held in a fiduciary capacity, as well as changes to the retention period of no commercial value.

Holder Notice Archives

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