Local Agencies - State Mandated Costs Audit Reports

Audited Program Reports for Local Agencies
Absentee Ballots
Administrative License Suspension – Per Se Program
AIDS Testing
  • No reports posted
Animal Adoption
Business Tax Reporting
Cancer Presumption - Peace Officers
Consolidated Handicapped and Disabled Students (HDS), HDSII, and SEDP Program
Crime Statistics Reports for the Department of Justice
Crime Victim's Rights Program
  • No reports posted
Custody of Minors-Child Abduction and Recovery
Domestic Violence Arrest Policies and Standards
Domestic Violence Background Checks
Domestic Violence Treatment Services
Firefighters' Cancer Presumption
Grand Jury Proceedings
  • No reports posted
Handicapped and Disabled Students
Handicapped and Disabled Students II
Identity Theft
Interagency Child Abuse and Neglect (ICAN) Investigation Reports Program
Local Government Employee Relations Program
  • No Reports Posted
Mandate Reimbursement Process
  • No reports posted
MCC Court Costs
  • No reports posted
Mentally Disordered Offenders' Extended Commitment Proceedings
  • No reports posted
Municipal Storm Water and Urban Runoff Discharges
Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity
  • No reports posted
Open Meetings Act
  • No reports posted
Open Meetings Act/Brown Act Reform
Peace Officers Procedural Bill of Rights
Perinatal Services
Permanent Absent Voters
Pesticide Use Reports
Photographic Record of Evidence
  • No reports posted
Postmortem Examinations: Unidentified Bodies, Human Remains
  • No reports posted
Prisoner Parental Rights
Racial Profiling: Law Enforcement Training
Regional Housing Need Determination
Search Warrant: AIDS
Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Pupils: Out of State Mental Health Services
Sexually Violent Predators