California State Controller's seal

Local Agencies - State Mandated Costs Audit Reports

    Audited Program Reports for Local Agencies

    Absentee Ballots

    Administrative License Suspension – Per Se Program

    AIDS Testing

    Animal Adoption

    Business Tax Reporting

    Cancer Presumption - Peace Officers

    Consolidated Handicapped and Disabled Students (HDS), HDSII, and SEDP Program

    Court Costs and Other Related Charges

    Crime Statistics Reports for the Department of Justice

    Crime Victim's Rights Program

    Custody of Minors-Child Abduction and Recovery

    Domestic Violence Arrest Policies and Standards

    Domestic Violence Background Checks

    Domestic Violence Treatment Services

    Firefighters' Cancer Presumption

      Grand Jury Proceedings

      Handicapped and Disabled Students

      Handicapped and Disabled Students II

      Identity Theft

      Interagency Child Abuse and Neglect (ICAN) Investigation Reports Program

      Local Government Employee Relations Program

      Mandate Reimbursement Process

      Mentally Disordered Offenders' Extended Commitment Proceedings

      Municipal Storm Water and Urban Runoff Discharges

      Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity

      Open Meetings Act

      Open Meetings Act/Brown Act Reform

      Peace Officers Procedural Bill of Rights

      Perinatal Services

      Permanent Absent Voters

      Pesticide Use Reports

      Photographic Record of Evidence

      Postmortem Examinations: Unidentified Bodies, Human Remains

      Prisoner Parental Rights

      Racial Profiling: Law Enforcement Training

      Regional Housing Need Determination

      Search Warrant: AIDS

      Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Pupils: Out of State Mental Health Services

      Sexually Violent Predators