CalATERS Roll Out

CalATERS project staff provide training materials and assistance during employee rollout. Learn more about the training materials and activities used during rollout.

Rollout occurs when the implementation planning process is complete and training of your accounting staff occurred. Now you are ready to use CalATERS!

It is SCO's objective to support departments during system rollout to their employees. During the initial rollout period, Implementation Consultants will work with the Rollout/Training Coordinator to develop training materials and an employee presentation that will best present CalATERS.

Training Materials

Transition Employee Training

Implementation Consultants will present CalATERS during the initial employee training sessions. At those training sessions Implementation Consultants will be available to answer questions pertaining to CalATERS, while the Rollout/Training Coordinator will address department policy questions. After the initial employee training sessions the role of the Rollout/Training Coordinator will expand to include the CalATERS portions of the presentation.

Post Rollout Support

 Once rollout activities have been transitioned to the Rollout/Training Coordinator the Implementation Consultant will provide continued support and will remain available on an as needed basis to the department.