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CalATERS Implementation

CalATERS provides a comprehensive statewide solution for effectively managing travel claim processing. Departments using CalATERS will achieve efficiency through automation and will reduce the time required to process travel advance and expense reimbursement payments. To view a system demonstration, click CalATERS Demo.

To learn more about implementing CalATERS click one of the following links:

  • CalATERS Partnerships
    Implementation requires a partnership between CalATERS and departments. Learn how the CalATERS project team and department accounting staff work together in partnership to successfully implement CalATERS.
  • Implementation Timeline and Activities
    Learn about the time required to implement and the activities performed during implementation.
  • CalATERS Roll Out
    CalATERS project staff provide training materials and assistance during employee rollout. Learn more about the training materials and activities used during rollout.
  • CalATERS Features & Benefits
    The CalATERS has many features and benefits designed to reduce costs, workload, error rates and the time required for preparation and submission of travel claims. Learn more about CalATERS Features & Benefits.
Interested in Implementing CalATERS?

Departments interested in realizing the benefits of CalATERS should call the CalATERS Manager at (916) 324-7148.