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Implementation Timeline and Activities

Learn about the time required to implement and the activities performed during implementation.

The time required to implement CalATERS varies depending on department size, resource availability and technical requirements. The average implementation takes 10 to 12 weeks. An implementation schedule is developed for each department that identifies discussion topics and target completion dates. View Sample Implementation Schedule.

Implementation Activities

Table Development

Department-specific data must be collected and loaded into CalATERS. There are nine tables that need to be developed during implementation. See Table Development.

Rollout Planning

Rollout planning activities include developing a department-wide rollout schedule, communication tools and employee training materials. Departments implementing CalATERS are provided with a number of sample rollout tools that can be tailored to meet department-specific needs.

Workflow Analysis

Changes to current travel claim and reconciliation processes need to be identified and documented, and a plan developed to effectively address the changes prior to going live on CalATERS. The workflow analysis sessions provide a structured framework for identifying and documenting the changes in workflow processes.


Staff responsible for the administration of CalATERS will attend a
2-day training class before rollout. Additional training resources are available through the CalATERS web site. See Training.