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CalATERS Partnerships

Implementation requires a partnership between CalATERS and departments. Learn how the CalATERS project team and department accounting staff work together in partnership to successfully implement CalATERS.

Partnering for Success

A partnership between the CalATERS project team and your department will ensure a successful implementation and rollout of CalATERS. The CalATERS project team includes Implementation Consultants, Systems Analysts, and Trainers who will provide assistance to your department during and after implementation. Learn more about the CalATERS Project Team.

Executive Sponsor

Successful implementation and rollout of CalATERS requires a commitment from department executive staff. Departments must obtain executive approval, and an executive sponsor must be identified prior to the start of implementation. Executive sponsors are high-level department managers who are committed to the successful implementation of CalATERS. Executive sponsors are responsible for providing overall project direction, and for ensuring that department resources are assigned to complete the various implementation tasks.

Department Accounting Office

Successful implementation and rollout of CalATERS also requires commitment and support from department accounting office staff. The department accounting office assumes the lead role during implementation. They are responsible for assessing the procedural changes that will occur as a result of implementation and for developing a plan to address the changes. It is important that department accounting offices have sufficient resources identified prior to implementing. Learn more about Department Implementation Roles.