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Department Implementation Roles

The implementation effort is led by an Implementation Consultant and key department staff. To ensure a successful transition to CalATERS, department implementation roles must be defined and the appropriate staff assigned to fulfill the required tasks. Depending on staff experience and availability, one person may be assigned to several of the roles described below. The time required to complete implementation tasks varies depending on the type of task and available resources.

Department Coordinator

The Department Coordinator is responsible for monitoring implementation activities, resources, and timelines for the department to ensure a successful implementation and rollout of CalATERS.

Rollout/Training Coordinator

The Rollout/Training Coordinator is responsible for developing a department rollout schedule, as well as communication tools and training materials.

System Administrator

The System Administrator is responsible for managing the system setup activities for CalATERS. The System Administrator works with the Department Consultant and the Implementation Coordinator to determine the best method for collecting department-specific data for loading into CalATERS.

Technical Administrator

The Technical Administrator is responsible for ensuring that the department's technical environment meets the requirements necessary to operate CalATERS. View CalATERS Technical FAQ.

Systems Analysts & Programmers (non-CalSTARS Departments).

Systems Analysts/Programmers are responsible for developing programs that enable CalATERS to interface with the department accounting and office revolving fund systems.