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April 2014 Cash Report Summary Analysis

Published April 9, 2014

alt="Total revenues in March 2014 were $470.9 million more than expected in the 2014-15 Governor's Budget."Bottom Line: What the Numbers Mean

March came in like a lion for California revenues and went out with a significant roar, with all three of the State’s major revenue sources beating expectations. California’s General Fund Receipts reached $6.4 billion, which was about $0.5 billion above projections made by the Department of Finance as part of the Governor’s 2014-15 Budget submitted in January. Read more and see detailed receipts and disbursements.

More on California Fiscal Policy: Revenue Volatility

Everyone knows California's General Fund has "volatile" revenue streams feeding it. Right? From year to year, certain tax streams — especially those associated with taxation of capital gains and stock options — have abrupt and unpredictable swings. Read more about fiscal policy.

Guest Column: The Economy Looks Healthier

The year 2012 marked the first year since the beginning of the Great Recession that the payroll job growth in California (at 2.4 percent) surpassed U.S. job growth (1.7 percent). The pace of job creation gained momentum in 2013 when California employment grew at 3.0 percent, significantly higher than the U.S. job growth of 1.7 percent. Read more of Esmael Adibi's column.

California Job Tracker: One-Quarter of California's Major Metro Areas Have Recovered

Eight of California’s major metropolitan areas have now recovered all of the jobs lost during the Recession, according to the latest data on nonfarm payrolls released for February 2014. Read more and see the data.

California Economic Snapshot

See recent statistics regarding California new car registrations, the median home price, single-family home sales and employment. Read snapshot numbers.

Visit Controller's Tax Tracker for Latest Revenue Numbers

Controller John Chiang’s new Tax Tracker blog delivers fresh state revenue data and insight in an easy-to-use format that compliments perspectives offered in his monthly summary analysis. Bookmark it and visit each weekday for updates.

Follow the Money with Controller's New Track Prop. 30 Website

Voters approved Prop. 30 in November 2012 to help California’s public schools, and now Controller John Chiang has introduced a new data-driven website where users can see where the money went and how it is being spent. Visit to see the measure's impact on your local K-12 and community college districts.