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California Fiscal Focus: A Monthly Report from State Controller Betty T. Yee

December 2019

November 2019

October 2019

September 2019

  • Aging with Dignity: Building California’s Silver Economy

August 2019

July 2019

June 2019

  • Elevating Our Ambition to Confront California’s Housing Needs

May 2019

March 2019

  • February State Revenues Short of Budget Forecasts
  • Plastics Pollution Is Choking Our Oceans
  • California Working to Clear Backlog of Deferred Maintenance

February 2019

  • State Revenues Opened 2019 Mostly Below Projections
  • California Faces Imperative to Maintain Climate Leadership
  • To Conform or Not to Conform: California’s Unending Tax Law Debate

January 2019

  • As Governor Releases First Budget Proposal, Controller Reports State Closed 2018 Short of Projections
  • Examining Effects of U.S.-China Tariffs on the California Economy
  • Federal Tax Reform Balloons Deficit, Necessitating Spending Cuts

    December 2018

    • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Top Estimates in November
    • CalSavers Expands Retirement Savings Options for California Workers
    • Voters Weigh in on Fiscal Priorities

    November 2018

    • Controller Reports State Revenues Missed Projections for October
    • California Works to Stem Loss of Use Tax Revenue
    • Cannabis Tax Implementation and Revenue Update

    October 2018

    • State Revenue Outpacing Expectations for September and Fiscal Year
    • Global Vision for Sustainable Ocean Economies Expands
    • Advances in Gender Equity Precursor to Economic Growth

    September 2018

    • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Surpass Projections for August
    • Controller Yee’s Wrap-Up of Key Legislation in 2018

    August 2018

    • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Missed Expectations for July
    • Climate Summit to Address Practical Steps for Cutting Carbon
    • Skills Gap Stymies Gains for One-Third of California Families

    July 2018

    • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Beat Expectations for June and 2017-18 Fiscal Year
    • New State Budget Prioritizes Saving for Next Downturn, Begins to Address Some Persistent Inequities
    • U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Online Sales Taxation and Union Fair-Share Fees

    June 2018

    • With One Month Remaining in Fiscal Year, State Revenues Fall Short of Projections
    • New Reporting Requirements Heighten Focus on Excessive CEO Pay, with Potential to Influence Customers
    • State Pension Funds Employ Many Tools to Improve Corporate Governance

    May 2018

    • With May Budget Revision Imminent, CA Controller Reports State Revenues Exceeding Projections
    • Perspectives on Demand, Supply, and Affordability amid California Housing Shortage
    • California Population Changing with High Housing Costs

    April 2018

    • Beyond Taxation: Robotics and Rising Seas

    March 2018

    • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Behind February Estimates, Ahead for Fiscal Year
    • The Evolution of the Earned Income Tax Credit
    • Accounting Changes Define OPEB Shortfall, Set Reform Path

    February 2018

    • CA Controller Reports 2018 State Revenues Off to Strong Start
    • Exploring the California Impacts of Federal Tax Changes
    • Health Care Reform and the Changing Nature of Work

    January 2018

    • Amid Economic Uncertainty, Controller Yee Echoes Governor’s Restrained Budget Planning
    • State Lands Commission Works to Address Port Climate Risk
    • Climate Action 100+ Carries Paris Momentum into 2018

      December 2017

      • CA Controller Reports November Revenues Exceed Expectations as Retail Sales Remain Strong
      • New Year Rings in New Laws for California
      • Uptick Expected for Federal Funds Rate

      November 2017

      • CA Controller Reports Strong Sales Keep October Revenues in Line with Estimates
      • The Changing Nature of Work and the California Economy

      October 2017

      • CA Controller Reports State Revenue Outpacing Expectations
      • Californians Support Bond Measures for K-14 Facilities
      • CalPERS, Locals, State Work Together to Address Funding Status

      September 2017

      • CA Controller Reports State’s Three Major Taxes Beating Expectations
      • California Moves to Make Employer Retirement Plans Available to All
      • Women Face Steeper Climb to a Long, Comfortable Retirement

      August 2017

      • CA Controller Reports Encouraging July Revenues
      • Foreign Earnings and Repatriation: Evaluating Previous Action and Possible Tax Reform
      • How is the Housing Crisis Hurting California’s Economy?

      July 2017

      • CA Controller Reports Revenues $2.68 Billion Short of 2016-17 Budget Act
      • Putting a Price on Carbon: California’s Cap-and-Trade Program

      June 2017

      • CA Controller’s May Cash Report Shows State Revenues Meeting Revised Estimates
      • Favorable Taxation of Carried Interest Ignites Controversy and Change
      • Pension Funds Work to Advance Long-Term Sustainability and Profit

      May 2017

      • CA Controller’s April Cash Report Shows Sluggish State Revenues
      • State Lands Commission Safeguards Public Access to Natural Treasures
      • Tax Credits Encourage Green Economy Development

      April 2017

      • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Top March Projections
      • Three Studies Show Affordable Care Act Creates Jobs in California
      • Overview of the Medical and Nonmedical Cannabis Industry

      March 2017

      • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Fell Short of February Projections
      • Outdated Tax Structure Leaves “Modern” Roads Crumbling
      • Understanding the New Employment Credit

      February 2017

      • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Top January Projections
      • New Accounting Standards for Retiree Health Costs
      • Retiree Health Valuation Finds Savings from Benefit Design

      January 2017

      • CA Controller Reports “Big Three” State Revenue Sources Fell Below Budget Estimates for December
      • CalPERS Lowers Discount Rate to Safeguard Retirement Benefits
      • CalPERS Strives to Contain Costs

        Octob1er 2016

        • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Continue to Exceed Expectations
        • Regional Difference in Income Tax Liabilities across California
        • Budget Spotlight: General Fund Condition

        September 2016

        • CA Controller Reports State Revenues Beating Estimates after Four Months of Shortfalls
        • How “Unpredictable” is the State’s General Fund Cash Flow?
        • Budget Spotlight: Higher Education Funding since 2008
        • Property Tax Assistance Available for Homeowners

        August 2016

        • CA Controller’s July Cash Report Shows Revenues Well Short of Budget Projections
        • The Cost of Fighting Wildfires in Drought-Plagued California
        • Paying for Wildfire Prevention and Suppression

        July 2016

        • CA Controller’s June Cash report Highlights Volatility of Personal Income Taxes
        • What is Driving Up Costs for the General Fund?
        • General Fund Resources Running Ahead of Expenditures for Foreseeable Future
        • 2014 Tax Revenues on Capital Gains Highest on Record

        June 2016

        • CA Controller’s May Cash Report Shows Lower-than-Expected Revenues
        • Looking Ahead: State Treasurer Identifies Budget Risks
          If You Build It, Repair Costs Will Come
        • Cautions about Potential Effect of Federal Tax Reform

        May 2016

        • CA Controller’s April Cash Report Shows State Revenues Lagging
        • Nationwide, States Face Fiscal Stresses
        • One Way to Avoid Federal Tax Penalties
        • Governor Reagan’s Mid-Year Budget Correction: Proposing Systemic Change

        April 2016

        • CA Controller’s March Cash Report Shows Higher-than-Expected Revenues
        • The Home Mortgage Interest Deduction: Took a Wrong Turn and Just Kept Going
        • The Budget Dance: Are May Revisions Necessary?
        • What to Look for in the April Tax Returns

        March 2016

        • CA Controller’s February Cash Report Shows Revenues Surpassing Estimates
        • How Would a Sales Tax on Services Affect the Tax System’s Overall Progressivity?
        • Department of Finance Expects Disbursements to Exceed Receipts for 8 Months
        • New Health Finance Package

        February 2016

        • CA Controller’s January Cash Report Shows Revenues Falling Short of Estimates
        • Proposed Budget Would Run Monthly Cash Deficit
        • California Expecting Income and Sales Tax Growth to Keep Pace with National Median
        • Estimating Revenues and Spending over the Next Four Years

        January 2016

        • CA Controller’s December Cash Report Shows Revenues Surpass Estimates by $381.7 Million
        • Low Interest Rates Just One Factor in State and Local Debt Issuance
        • Long-Term Outlook: Cost Pressures

          December 2015

          • CA Controller’s November Cash Report Shows State’s Three Major Taxes Beating Expectations
          • Should We Listen to Motown When Considering Tax Reform?
          • The Shifting Importance of the State’s Major Taxes
          • How is the Affordable Care Act Changing Enrollment and State Health Costs?

          November 2015

          • CA Controller’s October Cash Report Shows Robust Income Tax Revenues
          • Growing Incomes among the Wealthy Present Challenges for California Fiscal Policy
          • What do Estimated Payments Portend?
          • Small Shifts in Spending Patterns = Big Changes in Cash Deficit

          October 2015

          • CA Controller’s September Cash Report Shows Revenues Slightly Lower than Estimates
          • Forty-Year Trend: State Revenues as Share of Personal Income Keep Falling
          • Picturing State Receipts and Disbursements
          • A Partial Explanation of Swings in Revenue from Taxes on Capital Gains

          September 2015

          • CA Controller’s August Cash Report Shows Strong Retail Sales and Use Tax Receipts
          • Cash Management: The Decreasing Need for External Borrowing
          • Designing California’s Tax Structure: Should We Expect Revenues to Keep Up with the Economy?
          • The Inexact Science of Estimating Revenues

          August 2015

          • CA Controller’s July Cash Report Shows Revenues Close to Projections
          • Q&A: Why Do Tax Flows Change from Month to Month?
          • Can Tax Reform Be Part of the Budget Process?
          • With CA Spending Swings, Few Months Are “Average”

          July 2015

          • June Cash Report Shows Another Surge to End 2014-15 Fiscal Year
          • Cash Forecast: Rising Confidence in State Finances and Fiscal Management
          • Godot and Recession: What to Expect in the Next Few Budgets
          • A “Failed State” No Longer, California’s Fiscal Health Stronger than Most