Cal Employee Connect (CEC)

Cal Employee Connect

CEC is the new employee self-service portal available to all active Civil Service and California State University Employees.  It is a secure self-service portal, which allows employees to view, print, and electronically save their own Form W-2s, leave balances, direct-deposit earnings statements, and more.

Earnings Statements

There are two ways to view/download/print earnings statements:

  • Homepage will show the employee’s most recent three earning statements.
  • Earnings Tab will show the employee’s last 36 months of earnings statements.

Note: CEC will only show payments processed by the State Controller's Office Payroll System.

Leave Balances

Leave balances are only available for employees who use the California Leave Accounting System (CLAS).  Balances shown on CEC will have a month lag of leave information, which is consistent with the employees’ most recent earnings statement.

Form W-2s

Form W-2 Paperless Feature Now Available on CEC!
Employees who “opt-in” to use this feature will be able to view and download current and previous years’ Form W-2’s using any internet-connected device. 

Employees who do not “opt-in” will have view only access to their current and previous years’ Form W-2s.

What information do I need to register?

To register, please visit: Cal Employee Connect.  You will need the following information from a single earnings statement (paper warrant/paystub or direct deposit advice) from 01/2017 through current:

  • Department or Campus Name
  • Agency Code
  • SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Warrant number or direct deposit number
  • Total Deductions

If you do not have any earnings statements, please contact your HR office to obtain required warrant number and deductions information.

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For assistance, contact the CEC team directly here.

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Cal Employee Connect (CEC)

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