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Industrial Disability Leave Supplementation Calculator

This Page Contains Information relevant to Personnel, Payroll and Accounting Offices

If you have Microsoft (Macintosh or PC) or a spreadsheet software application that can read an XLS file, you can download a spreadsheet that will do IDL Supplementation calculations.  This may be useful to State Personnel Offices if there were different tax rates used during the calendar year or if a salary rate reduction program is being used.                                                                                  



 Tax Year  IDLS Calculator
 2018 eff. 7/1/18  Excel
 2018  Excel
 2017 eff. 7/1/17  Excel
 2017  Excel
 2016 eff. 7/1/16  Excel
 2016  Excel
 2015 eff. 7/1/15  Excel
 2015  Excel
 2014 eff. 7/1/14  Excel
 2014  Excel
 2013 eff. 7/31/13  Excel
 2013 eff. 1/1/13  Excel
 2012  Excel
 2011 eff. 6/1/11  Excel
 2011 eff. 1/1/11-5/31/11  Excel
 2010  Excel
 2009  Excel